"Smile ... should you interrogate me? Good bye" - Giorgi Gakharia responds to the questions of "Courier" in Pankisi

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"Smile ..." - was the response of the Minister of Internal Affairs to the question of the "Courier" journalist who asked why it was necessary to bring additional forces in the gorge. According to the minister, only 35 law enforcers were in the gorge in the morning.
According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, the rights of all human beings should be protected and it involves not only the population but the policemen and the workers who are employed at the HPP construction. When asked why the mobilization of the additional forces was needed on the ground, the Interior Minister said that it only happened after the situation was strained. "Now we have to sit down and have a conversation if you have any arguments. No one in any case will be allowed to violate the rights of any Georgian citizen. Neither you, neither the formations nor the builders but we should talk about it and we should remove the masks.Additional forces were deployed when the conflict entered into the acute phase, "Giorgi Gakharia said.