“Every day this government rapes businesses and we are silent” - businessman Tamaz Elizbarashvili speaks about pressure

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Business racketeering by the government – the businessman Tamaz Elizbarashvili accuses Bidzina Ivanishvili’s team of pressure. According to him, the government plans to totally subdue the business. Tamaz Elizbarashvili spread the video and recalled those tenders in which only privileged people, close to the authorities can win the bids.“It turns out that the business is free and flourishes. That’s due to this fact that there are so many jobs and the emigrants come back to Georgia. There are so many jobs. Woe be to you! You laugh in the people’s eyes. I address the chairman of the parliament and the prime minister. You are young people.
Aren’t you going to live in this country? You’ll be called to account. Do you think that Bidzina and Russia will always protect you? Whatever you say to this government they are gangs and will they stop robbing us? They will not. Citizens and businessmen of my lovely Georgia, this government rapes you every day and we keep silence”, - stated Elizbarashvili.